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Tax Day and Obamacare

Medical Management Services ACA and Tax day

A recent survey of 148 insurance brokers shows that ObamaCare is sending premiums rising at the fastest clip in decades.

HR 4302: Can You Afford to Delay Your ICD-10 Implementation

HR 3402 ICD-10 Delay

HR4302, which was signed into law on April 2, 2014, delays the implementation of the ICD-10. It states that the code set shall not be implemented before Oct. 1, 2015, or a date to be determined by HHS most likely.

Three Things Every Billing Office Manager Should Know

Medical Management Services Billing Manager

Healthcare billing is riddled with complexity. Complexity inherently means tons of details that may be difficult to prioritize and a staff that is buried in those details. Knowing how to raise your head above the details and make sure overall goals are being met is the real job of a billing manager.

Can you Cut Cost in Healthcare While Growing MCR and MCD?

Medical Management Services Cutting Cost and Medicare

Is it possible to cut MCR expenses when the number of MCR beneficiaries is going up? At first glance, the common sense answer is no…..not possible to cut cost while numbers needing services is going up. But, let’s take a closer look at what’s going on in the healthcare industry that might help this effort.

Unbelievable: ICD 10 Delayed for at Least a Year

Medical Management Services ICD 10 Delayed

In a vote on Monday March 31, the senate approved a temporary fix for the (sustainable growth rate) payment formula for Medicare. This move was expected. The unexpected move was the delay of ICD-10 for at least another year. Kimberly Davis, Vice President for Medical Management Services said that “this move will in no way effect the MMS approach to ICD-10 readiness, its full steam ahead.”

ICD 10 Senate Vote March 31, 2014

Medical Management Services ICD10 Update

On Thursday the House of Representatives passed a bill to temporarily “fix” the MCR payment problem that has been plaguing providers for several years. Instead of repealing the law which would mean providers would receive a 24% decrease in payments, the law would stop the decrease temporarily for 1 year. Added to this bill was a delay to the start date of ICD-10 by one year.

Measuring Value: Healthcare Metrics and Changing Definitions

Medical Managemenr Services Healthcare Metrics

Ask the average patient what they mean by quality care and they will say something like physicians who listen and take time with them in exam room. They may say something about the ambiance of the office, the friendliness of the nurse, or the skill of the surgeon.

Medical Practice Innovation through Outsourcing

Medical Managemenr Services Medical Practice Outsourcing

Every health care organization at one time or another considers outsourcing parts of its operation to a specialized company to meet specific goals, to fill a gap, to tap new resources and sometimes because you simply need to save some money. But are there critical times in the growth of your medical practice where outsourcing could do more than just take care of a temporary situation?

Medical Practice Employees: A New Approach

Medical Managemenr Services Medical Practice Employees

In the average medical practice, the effort to reduce cost and improve quality is a people issue. It is a people issue because about 60% of cost and 100% of a practices ability to improve quality or reduce cost lies in people.

How Better Inventory Management Systems Save Health Care Companies Money

Medical Management Services healthcare inventory

In 2012, health care spending in the United States hit $2.6 trillion, almost 10 times the $256 billion that was spent 30 years ago. Approximately half of this spending goes toward hospital care and clinical services. It is not uncommon for 40 percent of the providing care costs to be spent on supply chain expenses.

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