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Medical Tourism: The Latest Healthcare Trend

Medical Management Services Medical Tourism

Europeans and Canadians have been medical tourists for years, and it’s finally catching on here as a way large corporations can save dollars on high cost surgeries and procedures.  In Europe and Canada, it is used to gain access to good healthcare much quicker than they can at home.  Here it is being used to contract large facilities who perform certain complex surgeries and procedures well and will perform them for a flat rate.  

Healthcare Business Training: Boosting Staff Competency

Training and Skills

While this may seem to be a no brainer; too many times, employees are left to their own devices in completing their daily assigned tasks.  We hire people because we have a need; training gets cut short as the daily routine of the practice pace leaves little room for proper orientation. Or even worse we ask them to read through policy and procedure manuals without making the time to really explain why the practice developed those policies.

Healthcare Performance Management Cycle (Part 6): Rewarding

Medical Management Services Rewarding

Our final step in performing a performance management cycle concludes with stage 5- Rewarding. Incentives and acknowledgements provide positive reinforcements for achieving performance goals and accomplishing improvements.  For an employee, knowing that their hard work and efforts are recognized and rewarded by management will result in motivation to both work harder, as well as, continue on their path towards improvement. In many instances, once a significant amount of time has passed since the inception and implementation of a performance review, employees will revert to their “old” ways. Managers should be proactive in sustaining their employee’s interest and commitment by demonstrating their efforts and achievements will be acknowledged.

Healthcare Performance Management Cycle (Part 4): Developing

Medical Management Services Employee Development

Developing employees’ skills and abilities, not only improves their work performance, but will simultaneously increase their job satisfaction. Developing is the third stage of the Performance Management Cycle. Stage 3 focuses on building an employee’s skill set and/or amending their current behaviors and processes to increase efficiency. More than likely, employees will not inherently know or understand all aspects of their job duties and requirements. Therefore, organizations must provide training and feedback mechanisms to develop their employees into the most productive and efficient labor force possible.

The Key to Success in Healthcare Practices

Medical Management Services Keys to Success

Healthcare practices are under pressure to cut costs, improve delivery, focus on patient satisfaction, comply with regulations, use EHR’s expertly and make money.  Not to mention treat patients on a daily basis in a way that improves their quality of life.  The office staff must be friendly and helpful, the nurses prompt and efficient, the physicians all-knowing and take time to listen to patients.

Healthcare Customer Service

patient experience resized 600

Whether you agree with calling patients customers or not; the reality is that patients are customers.  They routinely shop for value, for better and more relevant information, for treatment that not only meets their expectations, but exceeds it, and for genuine care of their whole person. They also want to be able to communicate with their providers via several options and use the technology they are used to using, in their health care world, as they are using it in their daily experiences with other business.

Healthcare Practices and Technology: The Ongoing Alliance

Medical Management Services Social Media

Social media has become the pinnacle of communication in the last 5 years.  Marketing of products, people, politics and services have migrated from more conventional marketing i.e. direct mailing and printed ads to facebook and twitter campaigns.  Most healthcare practices have websites and are using those websites to inform and educate as well as offering patient portals, booking appointments, emailing questions and pulling down forms to complete prior to appointment.  The value of these services over time should become clear:  efficiency, better patient care and follow-up and less phone time by practices.

Partnering the Right Physician Candidate With Your Corporate Culture

Medical Management Services-Physician Recruitment

When your organization is looking to fill a physician partner within your medical group, consider the expense of recruiting a physician.  Recruitment starts with exploring the position requirements, such as growth, community needs, etc.   Financial analysis should be performed to determine the potential financial growth and marketing opportunities of the practice with the addition of a provider/s.  The next step is to employ experts in the recruitment process to investigate appropriate credentials for the candidate that you wish to attract.   Once you have identified a potential candidate in mind your investment becomes greater.Typical expenses included in the recruitment process can include staff time, travel accommodations, and contract negotiation expense.   Usually after some amount of courting from both parties a decision is made and you have found whom you believe to be the right candidate for the position.

Healthcare Practice Decision Making and the Future

Medical Management Services Decision Making

Decision making and realizing the consequences of decision-making has never been more complex or critical as in these uncertain times for healthcare executives.  Reacting to federal mandates and laws takes time and considerable judgment as much of the definition of the law as yet to be decided by the legislature.

CMS Releases 2014 Proposed Physician Fee Schedule Rule

Medical Management Services CMS logo

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the Medicare proposed physician fee schedule (PFS) rule for 2014. CMS will accept public comments on the rule until Sept. 6, 2013 and intends to issue the final rule by Nov.1, 2013. According to CMS, the proposed rule:

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