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Medical Practice Innovation through Outsourcing

Medical Managemenr Services Medical Practice Outsourcing

Every health care organization at one time or another considers outsourcing parts of its operation to a specialized company to meet specific goals, to fill a gap, to tap new resources and sometimes because you simply need to save some money. But are there critical times in the growth of your medical practice where outsourcing could do more than just take care of a temporary situation?

10 Desirable Traits of Board of Directors in Healthcare Practices


By Andy Popple

3 Tips to Improve Management of Your Healthcare Practice

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Are you too busy to take a hard look at your operations to be able to make the changes needed to make the impact your practice needs to be really financially and operationally robust?  Are you putting off inevitable decisions because daily routines do not give you the thinking time you need?  Are you keeping a “warm body” on payroll because of the hassle?  Do you know what changes need to be made but don’t have the determination to really make them?

Healthcare Business Training: Boosting Staff Competency

Training and Skills

While this may seem to be a no brainer; too many times, employees are left to their own devices in completing their daily assigned tasks.  We hire people because we have a need; training gets cut short as the daily routine of the practice pace leaves little room for proper orientation. Or even worse we ask them to read through policy and procedure manuals without making the time to really explain why the practice developed those policies.

5 Things Your Healthcare Practice Should Be Focused On

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In the time it takes you to read this blog, 57% of your patients will be asked a question about what doctor they use….why they like or dislike.  Do you know what they are saying?  If you don’t then you are not listening.

Your Healthcare Practice Management System: A Boon or a Bust?

Medical Management Services healthcare computers

Your practice management system is your healthcare practice’s pathway to the revenue stream.  Your biggest dollar investment is probably your practice management system (although now, your EHR and IT costs may exceed PM)

Words to Run a Healthcare Practice By

Medical Management Services Healthcare Quality

Of course these should be the words we all live by and how we interact with others.  But in this day of instant everything, web tools to connect us to more and more places and people; we may forsake quality and accuracy for expediency.  We quickly and quite easily build Face Book pages, we post on twitter, build patient portals to give patient access to needed information. …..but am wondering if we don't do all this much too quickly and without really examining our goals and purposes for doing so.

Healthcare Billing: Simple Solutions to Lower Your Claim Denials

Medical Management Services Claim Denial

The single most important reason to lowering your claim denials is simple, to bring in additional revenue by less delay of payment and lowering billing costs.  

Medical Practice Continual Process Improvement

Medical Management Services Medical Practice Improvement

In the ever changing, ever shifting world of healthcare, one focus for a practice must be to evaluate and develop more effective and efficient work processes. With the future of healthcare legislation uncertain, practices must improve their overall efficiency in order to remain competitive in an, unfortunately, unpredictable industry. Medical Management Services does this through continual improvement initiatives. A process improvement team, along with various specialized support staff, reviews current workflows, identifies areas for improvement, then initiates an improvement plan to increase efficiency. Areas of focus range from check-in procedures, spatial arrangement of work stations, charge slip (super bill) creation and entry, to working claim denials. Continual improvement processes are ongoing and serve to compliment the inherently dynamic work environment of medical practices.  

Marketing for Medical Practices: Best Practice

Medical Management Services_Marketing

Health care marketing is undergoing dramatic reinvention and change, due to emerging trends, reform uncertainties, emergence of social marketing and renewed focus on quality, outcome and prevention. Executives are demanding higher impact and bigger returns from marketing investments; and marketing professionals are more closely aligning their efforts with strategic objectives, customer experience and integration of communications across multiple platforms and channels.

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